For Racers: How To Apply A Transponder RFID Tag To Your Helmet

For Racers: How To Apply A Transponder RFID Tag To Your Helmet

The RFID Transponder Tag is an adhesive strip with an electronic circuit inside of it. It must be mounted properly in order to show up when you cross the finish line—and there are a lot of ways to do it wrong. For example, if the tag is too close to conductive metal (which is found inside helmets), it can "de-tune" the tag's frequency and make it unreliable. Just follow the steps and you'll be fine. 

First, DON'T PLACE AN RFID TAG OVER ANOTHER RFID TAG. We call this "stacking tags." Neither tag will work if you do this. If you have multiple tags on your visor, make sure there's ~1/2" of space between them. 

As long as your visor does not contain metal or carbon fiber within one inch of the tag, apply your tag on the underside of your visor, lengthwise from side to side (rather than from front to back, or diagonally), as close as possible to the front edge of the visor. 

Do not apply it anywhere else, (unless your visor won't accommodate it—in that case, place it behind your front number plate). In other words, do not place your transponders on your vehicle, your person, your clothing, or anywhere else on your helmet other than your visor.

How to make your RFID tag ineffective (yes, that's bad). 

There are lots of ways to do this wrong.

  1. It's WRONG to apply your RFID tag in the incorrect place or orientation—this will cause problems. 

  2. It's WRONG to stack RFID tags on top of each other.

  3. It's WRONG to apply your RFID tag anywhere, then peel it off and re-apply it—this can damage the circuitry. If you must remove your RFID tag, you must purchase a replacement. 

  4. It's WRONG to fold the tag prior to applying it—this can damage the circuitry.

  5. It's WRONG to apply the tag to a surface that contains metal or carbon fiber. If your visor contains either of these, then utilize the alternative mounting location behind the front number plate. 

  6. Photocopying or laser scanning an RFID tag causes electromagnetic effects which can ruin the tag. So, it's WRONG to expose the RFID tag to photocopying, scanning, or lasers.

Note: You may damage your tag if you expose it to powerwashing.

If you have questions, you can chat with us at any time. Good luck!

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