For Promoters: Timing Equipment Diagrams

For Promoters: Timing Equipment Diagrams

A picture's worth a thousand words. Here's how to set up your equipment.

RFID Equipment Diagram

The diagram for the RFID Electronics Hub, as internally connected, is below:

Truss Fixture Diagram

In general, finish lines range from 16' to 24' wide. Make sure your truss system spans your entire finish line, with enough room to spare at least 1' on each side. Standard trussing kits measure 25' wide internally, and 27' wide externally.  Its inside vertical measurements must be between 10' and 16' high. 

Position your RFID antenna overhead should be placed directly in the center of the arch and facing downward. Position the multi antenna at the top corner of the gantry above where the box will be hung. Make sure it is level with the ground. See the illustrations below. 

We recommend testing the effective finish line by having someone slowly approach the truss with a tag oriented the proper way (the same horizontal orientation of the antennas, with one broad side facing the antennas) and marking where each antenna picks up the read. You can fine tune the angle of each antenna to produce a uniform finish line across all four antennas.

If you need a more comprehensive guide for how to set up and run live timing, check out this article.

If you need to edit the race results prior to posting them, find our article on how to manually adjust rider scores and race results.

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