For Promoters: Race Day Checklist

For Promoters: Race Day Checklist

Quick resource to make sure you have what you need on race day.

  1. Access the RaceReady local network. The scoring computer needs an ethernet connection to the RaceReady network, and preferably all computers should have it. If using wifi, the network name says RaceReady, and the password is contained in the card provided to you.
  2. Test RFID reads in Raw Reads by sending a transponder over the finish line and looking for it in Raw Reads. 
  3. Turn on Rider Reads. This is a list of all registrants who haven't yet read in the RFID system. Make sure riders know to wear their transponder in practice so they get detected by the system. 
  4. At the end of practice, contact everyone on the Rider Reads list to assess why their transponder isn't working. In most cases it's their fault, but if they did everything correct, issue them another transponder and put it behind their front number plate of their bike(s). 
  5. Once you build the race order, make sure to publish the live timing and race order by checking the "Live Timing Running" box on the race order page. 
  6. Print your score sheets (on the Race Order tab) and print your gate pick report (in the Reports tab) and send them out to the necessary operators on your team. 

Positions Needed for the RaceReady System
  1. Live Timing Operator. This person starts and stops live timing, has a clear view of the finish line, and manually adjusts transponder reads when necessary. This person must operate live timing from the local connection in a chrome browser (
  2. Lap Counter(s). Ideally you have two different people counting laps and writing them on lap sheets.
  3. Score Manager / Printer. This person prints results, and edits them when necessary. Typically it isn't necessary to audit every race against the written lap sheets unless the Live Timing Operator suspects a problem with the race, but some promoters prefer to do this. This person can also double as an ongoing registration attendant. 

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