For Promoters: How To Set Up Your Truss Gantry (Finish Line Arch)

For Promoters: How To Set Up Your Truss Gantry (Finish Line Arch)

Setting up the aluminum trussing to form an archway (gantry) over your finish line is fairly simple, but here are a few points to make sure it's done safely and securely. 

  1. Prepare the ground to accommodate the base plates. We recommend, if possible, burying railroad ties level with the ground, upon which the gantry base plates can rest. This allows you to use commercially-available oversize bolts to affix the base plates to the railroad ties. Just remember to drill pilot holes for the bolts first. 

    Connect the sections of the trussing as outlined below (some configurations and dimensions may vary). Connect the sections while they are lying on the ground, with the feet close to each edge of the finish line.

3. Insert the joint pins from outside to inside, through each joint's holes once they align. Secure the pins with retainer clips.

4. Attach the bottom sections to the baseplates, using the same joint pins and retainer clips mentioned above.
5. Now is the time to attach the antennas, since the gantry is on the ground. It is helpful to track which antenna is attached to each RFID port (1, 2, 3, or 4) but not necessary unless you need to adjust the intensity of individual antennas. Contact RaceReady support for more info on this. 

6. Run the antenna cables through the gantry up to each antenna. 

6. With at least four people, walk the structure upward slowly until it is standing. Lift it into place on the surface you prepared for the base, and then secure the base to the ground using 4' stakes, or large threaded bolts if securing to railroad ties. 

Remember, you'll need to supply power to the base of the gantry structure, where the RFID Electronics Hub will be positioned. And, if you are supplying wired internet onsite, you'll need to run a connected ethernet cable to that same position as well.

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