For Promoters: How to Add an Unregistered Racer to Your Event

For Promoters: How to Add an Unregistered Racer to Your Event

Sometimes Racers show up late, and you have to add them. Here's how to do that.

If someone needs to be added to your race, and they can't (or won't) create their own RaceReady account and sign up on their own, you can still help them. 

Log in to your promoter account, and navigate to the event the racer needs to be added to. Select its menu icon, and click "Manage Race":

From there, within the "Racers" tab, click the menu icon at the top right of the screen to reveal the dropdown menu. Then click "Add Racer". 

From this page you must either (6) find the racer (if they've already registered in our system) or else (7) add an account for them. 

To register an existing racer who is already in our system, search for their name in the search bar and select "Add to Event":

Or, if the racer does not have a RaceReady account, you can totally create one for them. Right here, right now. Just click "Add New Rider" and it will take you through the same account creation steps that they would normally go through. Fill out the fields as appropriate:

Then once their profile is created, you can build a cart and check them out (using credit card or cash). Click "Purchase new items for user":

You'll see this message along the top of your screen. Note that you are now inside the racer's profile, and you are checking out on their behalf.

Follow the normal steps to register for the event (which you can see in this article if you need to) and then at checkout, it will allow you to record the registration.

Have the racer select and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions of their participation:

You can enter their credit card number, or you can accept cash rather than process a credit card (note that RaceReady fees will still apply, and be deducted from your disbursement):

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