For Promoters: Care and Responsibility for Live Timing Equipment

For Promoters: Care and Responsibility for Live Timing Equipment

If you were issued live timing equipment, you are financially responsible for it. This means if it is damaged while under your care, you must purchase a replacement.

So, here's how to take care of the equipment. 

The live timing equipment has two major segments:

1. The RFID Electronics Hub (usually a large black box with electronic modules and cables inside),

2. The RFID Antenna kit, consisting of one antenna box that contains two internal RFID antenna's, mounting brackets, and RFID cables. 


So, DON'T spray the Electronics Hub when you're watering your track. DON'T leave it outside for more than a day. And if there's inclement weather, cover the hub with a trash bag or other means to prevent water from getting to the sensitive electronics. 

Think of the RFID Electronics like your television. You might take it outside for a special occasion, but you won't leave it out there in the rain:)

Also, of course race tracks get dusty—so will the electronics. It is your responsibility to occasionally clean out the Electronics Hub (typically with compressed air is fine).

You should be powering on your Electronics Hub at least weekly during racing season, to allow it to synchronize its local server to the cloud database. 

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