For Promoters: Can I Still Accept Cash at My Events?

For Promoters: Can I Still Accept Cash at My Events?

Yes. You can still accept cash. 

But the racer MUST be entered into the software in order to be scored—whether or not you're using live timing. 

Also, note that the fees RaceReady charges for cash entries may be different than online entries.

If you prefer to accept cash on site, here's how to ensure that each racer gets put into the system:

First, log in to your promoter account, and on the Events tab, find the event in question, select its menu icon, and select "Manage Race":

Once you reach that race's dashboard, select the menu icon in the top right of the screen:

On the dropdown, select "Add a Racer."

From here, you can either search and find a racer in our system, or if they still don't have an account you can add one for them by selecting "Add New Rider": 

To search for a racer, type their name, part of their name, their email, phone number, or whatever you (or they) can remember that might appear in their profile. It will pull up possible matches below. Select from among them and click "Add to Event":

When you click "Purchase new items for user" it will log you in to that racer's account on a limited basis, where you can go through the normal purchase steps on their behalf and indicate that you accepted cash for their registration. 

Have the racer select and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions of their participation:

On the final screen, when it prompts a credit card payment, select instead "Use Cash". DO THIS ONLY ONCE THE RACER HAS PAID YOU CASH. Once you complete this registration, you will be charged by RaceReady for this racer's participation, according to your fee schedule. 

For further help, chat with us using our chat tool online, or call us at 801-344-6689, or email us at

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